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  • October 25, Friday

    Growing a beard with the help of SVG and SMIL animation

    N/A 23.0+ 28.0+ 5.1+

    Basically to grow a beard you just need to skip your shaving procedures for a while. Some get their beards faster, some slower but you will still need to wait. We decided to speed up the tedious waiting process and grow a beard in a matter of seconds! It may prove a bit hard in real life so we used our vector copies for the task.

  • October 24, Thursday

    Should designers spend time on freebies?

    You must be really busy recently, right? You can’t even start doing something just for the sake of it because you are, right?

  • October 23, Wednesday

    Avoid design lottery

    So why exactly do we never create more than one initial mockup for our clients? Why not give him several to choose from? “What an impertinence!”, some may say. But is it really? Perhaps you may let us explain ourselves before dismissing this ridiculous effrontery?

  • July 18, Saturday

    Interview for NewWebPick Issue 22

    We've been interviewed once again by NewWebPick e-zine for Issue No.22. You can find answers to their questions into post itself.