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Legend of the Crimea

July 19, 19:30

Phone started ringing. The deal: 35 hours, one 56 by 6 meters wall, advertising illustration needed to be on it in a week. Hell, why not? Now details.

"Legend of the Crimea" is a wine production company that decided to advertise their product among the young people who annually gather in the Crimea for some crazy partying at the Kazantip festival. The first thing everyone coming to the festival will see is this huge 300 sq. meters wall. Gotta have one hell of a greeting, right? Absolutely!

As a matter of fact we ourselves spent quite a few summers at the festival in earlier years so we knew the mood of the place perfectly.

July 20, 11:00

We have sketches, style and a few pieces of the graphics. Everything is going to be psychedelic and trippy.

18 crazy hours and a few litres of coffee later.

This is our favourite routine: creating actual graphics from our own sketches. At 5 in the morning everything is done and sent to the customer.

July 21

"Great work, guys, now just a few revisions..." In the end the list of revisions was anything but few. Oh well...

July 24

"Bullseye! Send the sources!" Fun fact: most of the revisions were done right on top of the already finished painting by the team of tireless graffiti-ninjas.

Day and night, using heavy construction equipment the graffitists did their job of transferring our digital vision onto the brick wall.

It feels good for a change to see your design not on the screen or poster or business card but on the huge pile of bricks!

New and useful things learned

Now we know how to transfer the graphics onto any wall! Actually it is simple and brilliant. We created a special version of the graphics with the white outlines on the black background.

This image was loaded into the projector and, well, projected on the wall after dark! The graffitists just had to create the real outlines following projected ones and then they got a huge colouring page. Sounds easy, eh?