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Kings & Foxes

Kings & Foxes is an independent t-shirt design brand from Germany. They stick to the unique approach in presenting their clothing by creating a motion piece for every tee design. Therefore they opted for a video based website with the videos of the models' photo-shoots as main attraction.

The client provided a sketch on which he wanted to base the logo. It was looking quite nice from the beginning so it was just a matter of digitalizing the piece.

The main page had to be a video page. As soon as one enters the site he sees one of the videos showing the process of creation of one of the graphics from the store. An interesting touch was adding slight overlaying texture on the video to prevent it looking too blocky on a larger resolutions.

The store is where we put some additional creative ideas so that it’s not of your usual 'select a tee and pay' kind. The buying process is straightforward, super-easy and secure. Exactly what was necessary for this small project.