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Drunk Patrick Pub

Drunk Patrick is a local pub. It boasts its own brewery, visible to every guest, a beach zone for parties and a stage for weekly musical performances by (mostly) obscure bands. The young business needed a fresh identity and web presence and our team was the obvious choice.


  • Creation of brand identity.
  • Website development.
  • Design for numerous ads and printed material.

Patrick’s world

To introduce the brand we created a crazy world of Drunk Patrick with a bizarre rag-tag band of characters. All of them have their own vibe and unique talents (most of which come down to drinking beer and having fun).

Print materials

We created menu, wine list, stickers, business cards, flags, beermats, placemats, interior posters, ad banners, t-shirts... the list goes on forever.


Summer time

For the proper summer mood for the pub parties we had to design scene, bar and entrance to the open air zone as well as special summer menu. We probably spent more time at the pub than was necessary to get the atmosphere right but proper research is always really important. If you know what we mean. We even worked in the pub to get the right feeling. The management dudes of the establishment were fun to work with and were eager to take part in the development (perhaps even more than doing their usual boring management stuff).

The large scene for the weekend parties was illustrated with the band of crazy musicians.

Before After. Amazing, heh?!

The size of the thing is 10 by 4,5 meters and it is quite impressive in real life.

Website design

There are few things visitors want to find on the website of the pub and we had to make sure those things are right there for their use. One of these things was the online table order form.

60% of the whole reservations are made with the site online form

It was a no-brainer to put the kitchen menu on-line to cater for the people who wanted to know what food will they be served with their beers. The pub even has a delivery service for those too lazy to get out.

Drunk Patrick is a place to meet friends and acquaintances (and perhaps make some enemies and then have things settled with the glass of beer), have fun and listen to some not-too-common music. We wanted to deliver its particular atmosphere through the monitor screens to the audience.

Mobile version

Mobile version

For the stripped-down mobile version we left only things that were of the most importance to those on the run with their mobile devices.