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Double Entente Films

Double Entente Films is a two person motion picture production company based in Los Angeles consisting of Bailey Kobe and Frédéric Imbert. These two guys are responsible for quite a few masterpieces for New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Imagine Entertainment, Europa Corp, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures... the list goes on. Their adverising services were employed by Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Citroën, Google, Microsoft and Ubisoft.

To keep with the times they had to turn to yours truly to re-imagine their old flash-based web presence, create easily updatable website suitable for the vast variety of devices and make sure it is focused on their work more than anything else.


  • Completely redesign the old site and make it resolution-independent.
  • Let clients be able to easily update and manage the site.
  • Create an interface for showing recent work.

The process

We decided to do the only logical thing there was, placing every recent interesting project on the main page so that it is easily accessible right away.

We realized that since the work of the Double Entente guys is the most important part of the website it is obvious that...


The important change from the previous version that had to be done was to change tiny thumbnails featuring their work into the prominent pieces. Videos were allowed to play using the whole space of a browser window for the fuller experience.

Word from clients

This talented team really are passionate about good design and helped us at every stage to apply current Internet best practices to create a dynamic site that showcased our work. The modern collaboration technology that they use, makes it easy for everyone to have their input on the design. And their attention to detail is exemplary!