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BeeGift is a social service for sending and receiving gifts for Facebook users. It helps friends all over the world to stay in touch and congratulate each other in a fun and easy way.

The company was founded in Israel in 2012 by the young international team.

We were asked to design a front-end for the mass-market project which should be interesting for young people in Israel and eventually worldwide.


  • Create brand identity and other materials for the project.
  • Develop design for the iOS app and interface for the web app.
  • Make an animated ad.

Logo & presentation

Bee can be the main character. Bees bring honey, honey is sweet and useful, just like our service is pleasant and helpful. Millions of bees produce honey to make people happier and millions of people will send gifts through our service to make their friends happier.

Alexey Erinchak, CEO

Aaaand we have a new logo. #3 it is!

The next step was to create a short on-line presentation for the people to understand what the service is all about and to give users as much info as possible. Starting with the first sketches for the illustrated narrative.

“I think the black lines are kinda making stuff too heavy, let’s try without the outlines, mate”.

”OK, let’s do this! We should also add some colours to make things prettier and not too uniform”.

“That’s more like it!”

Web application

The interface for the service had to be simple and to the point so that users won’t wander too much and won’t get lost. We created quite a few versions of the logo character sporting different accessories and doing various service related stuff. Don’t ask what the blind guy supposed to mean.

Mobile application

We had a tight schedule so the iOS application had to be done almost simultaneously with the rest of the site. Since mobile users were expected to be the main audience of the service we had to make it even simpler than the web app.

App tutorial

Interface details

Animated ad

The animated ad had to tell people about the main features of the service. We wrote the scenario, sketched the story and rendered the frames.

Before After. Amazing, heh?!

Here’s the resulting video. Have a nice time watching!